quarta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2012

I hope this will help that last item drop so I can be the PLATINUM GOD!!!!

Anyways, this game is creepy and disturbing but very very fun (I feel a little guilty sometimes for liking it so much).

I plan to make more acessories as I go, and I accept suggestions. 

Sorry for the crappy photos!

sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Under the sea!

Ok, I'm officialy changing the oficial yadda yaddas I write here to english. Mainly because... i discovered recently there are people that visit and can't read a word of portuguese, but i guess all my friendly friends read english. So... english it is. Not that matters, I know you come just for the pretty pictures. =oDDD

I made this Ariel for Ju! A friend's girlfriend that deserved the gift for being cool (and for feeding me tasty chocolate. Looooove the tasty chocolate.). Happy a lot of things Ju. And bon voyage, stay happy and healthy and be back soon. =o*

Next: If everything goes right... technologic amigurumi. PAPAPANNNNNN! (<- that's a thriller noise)

ps: It's making sense, right? the writing? I hope it does...